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Wake up the Psychology Inside

A Journey of Self Discovery


This blog is dedicated to facilitate change and growth in your life through the documentation of my journey.  You are going to meet me in my rawest form.  I do my best to write without thought.   


Common topics include meditation, spirituality, psychology, psychedelia, and a wide range of other psychedelic topics.  It's purpose is catharsis and inspiration.  


In addition to learning about my journey, the ChatGPT bot is meant to add some flavor by having the posts re-written by a host of other characters.


A Lover of the Human Condition

All of my writings exemplify who I am.  They are the integral experiences of life that contained emotional earmarks that have shaped my personality.  I am honored and grateful for every experience, regardless of how my mind interprets them.


This seeker's words carry the ancient wisdom of the rishis. His writing reflects a profound understanding of the spiritual path and offers insights that can lead one towards self-realization. Follow his blog with an open heart and mind.


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