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Divine Forgiveness

I humbly ask for your spiritual pardon,

For the wrongs of my dearest friends,

For we were lost in the darkness,

Until their actions brought our journey to an end. Through their sins, I saw the light,

And showed you the depths of my soul,

I may not condone their actions,

But I choose to love and make them whole. Love was the thread that brought us together,

And I will not deny its pure power,

For in its embrace,

we found redemption,

And the strength to face each new hour. I now understand the simplest truth,

That forgiveness is all we need,

With closed eyes,

I seek your mercy,

And pray that our spirits are freed. Please accept my heartfelt plea,

For the grace to heal our strife,

Thank you for showing me the way,

To a life full of meaning and light


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