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Indefinite Intervention

This meeting hasn't been called for just a single soul;

The delusion would persist if that were the whole.

Each of us will be transformed by this plight;

Every breath and word, a journey from darkness to light.

We cry out to each other, in need of aid,

Leave the competitive nature, let its echo fade.

Forget the programming in our intricate scheme,

The illusion will dissolve, like a forgotten dream.

DALL·E abstract representation of multiple figures merging with the cosmos, illustrating the collective journey of transformation

There's nothing to prove, no loss, no fray,

Just all we've created, in our own unique way.

Every question you pose to another's stance,

Is it a mirror to your own life's dance?

Please, ask yourself, and truthfully reply,

The walls will crack, and truths will fly.

Truth, honesty, and love's bright hue,

Will shine through the dark, in all we do.

DALL·E - Create a close-up of a figure's face, eyes closed, serene, as they collide with the cosmos. Their features gradually dissolve into stardust

Leave behind misery, deception, and lies,

The time is now, under the open skies.

If you find yourself judging another's scene,

Turn inward, to where you've been.

If worries about others fill your days,

Aren't you just lost in your own maze?

A panoramic view of a person leaping towards an abstract cosmic gateway, embodying the poem's call to embrace change and the unknown. The gateway radiates light and colors, inviting the figure into a new realm of existence. The scene symbolizes breaking free from old cycles and entering a universe of possibilities, with the cosmos stretching infinitely beyond. Created Using: panoramic photography, abstract cosmic elements, radiant light effects, vibrant color gradients, dynamic composition, digital artistry, high definition, natural style

It's not just growth, but a hastening pace,

Crash into the cosmos, embrace its grace.

Dive headfirst into the abstract,

Move your feet, let your life impact.

Take your life off repeat, start anew,

The world is not a scapegoat for me and you.

Lift your fist high, let despair disappear,

Leave the world better, with hope and cheer.

An abstract representation of multiple figures merging with the cosmos, illustrating the collective journey of transformation. Each figure transitions from shadow to luminous beings, surrounded by a background of celestial bodies that glow with ethereal light. The scene is a blend of surreal and cosmic art, highlighting the poem's message of unity and personal growth. Created Using: surreal art techniques, cosmic visualization, soft lighting, harmonious color palettes, ethereal glow effects, digital painting, high resolution, natural style

Indefinite Intervention Poem was written on December 14, 2006.

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