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Layers of Insanity

Recognize this complication,

Beneath the manifestation,

Below the creation,

Deeper than our own realization.

Absolve the aberration,

The colorless decoration,

Ego's evil invitation,

Resist the tumultuous temptation.

Just a fascinating fabrication.

dall-e, trepidation, hesitation, rumination, transformation, destination

No more trepidation,

Stop the hesitation,

Cease rampant rumination,

Cycles of preparation.

Time for termination,

Transcend into transformation.

This is our obligation,

This is our destination.

dall-e, complication, manifestation, creation, realization, fabrication

Consider all the ways our society suggests we can't control ourselves. Your religion does it, too. So does your school, your job, your friends, and even your local mini-mart. And they thrive on this belief. Why? Because there's money to be made from the weak-minded. They want to constantly feel happy and refuse to look inward, so they seek external gratification. As a result, we are bombarded with messages from our peers that we have no control. Eventually, we come to believe it – feeling the need to adhere to these external messages to keep in check. This is how one begins to lose oneself, forgetting what the real self is. One becomes ingrained as another programmed robot, not thinking for oneself but letting others do it. We've become accustomed to this, living this way for so long. Our country's dream is money. But what does that really mean? You don't need to exercise any self-control or determination, so when it's required of you, it becomes a struggle. "What do you mean?" you ask yourself. "I'll have sex with the whole world because there are no consequences."

dall-e, robot puppets controlled by money, capitalism

Navigating through days when feeling blocked can be challenging. It's difficult to express oneself openly, almost as if a shell is beginning to form. From an outside perspective, it might seem like being left out, watching from a distance, rather than being actively involved and introspective. The critical question is identifying the blockage, understanding what's hindering the flow. Recognizing personal involvement is crucial; it's a return to the beginning, which, in a way, is positive. Each restart is a step further, a new petal in bloom. With each new beginning, there's a chance for increased happiness.

Concerns about physical well-being and mental stability from others are noted. Yet, being present and continuing the journey is vital. The approach to physical needs such as hunger isn't about indulgence but about meeting essential needs without excess. This might seem unconventional, perhaps akin to practices from centuries ago, but it's a personal choice.

layers of insanity depicted by loss of control by being weak minded.  external gratification, abstract

Communicating these views to others, like Maria, sometimes feels misguided, especially when it appears that one has veered off the expected path of life. Whether this is regression or progression is subjective, depending on who is asked. Finding those who understand or are willing to try to understand this unique journey can be challenging

This was written on December 5, 2006 and edited November 22, 2023

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