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Radical Ruminations on Religion, Repression, and Reshaping Reality (Part 3)

We are all connected on this Earth. People fail to recognize this interconnectedness. We are connected with each other, with our environment, and with forces of energy beyond our comprehension. The answers are always there, but no one teaches us the techniques to unearth them. There is no technique involved in religion. Find things that provide universal guidance and aren't telling you how to be. Things that could help anyone from anywhere at any time. Where are the West's thoughts that could transcend anyone anywhere? We are so egocentric. We worry about specific issues in our specific society and still fail. Why? It's not really attacking true problems. It's masking them to give the illusion that they are fixed. We are wrapped in capitalism, and our brains are fooled by its seduction. The doctor thinks he is helping the patient, yet he is setting them up for another visit because he wants food on his child's table. Can the doctor be blamed? Of course not. Everyone has an ego. Everyone has to look out for themselves and their family. But there is a disconnect. If everyone is looking out for themselves and their own families, where is the unity? Community means nothing around here. Neighbors are behind closed doors. Everyone is worried about one thing: having enough money to provide for the instinctual needs. Once those needs are satisfied, they need to feed the capitalistic ego of society. If someone makes $30,000, they could survive. If they make $300,000, they could survive in greater luxury. Why is it that we have to make money to survive? Why is money the goal? The more money we have, the more we are expected to spend. It's a vicious cycle. Save up your $$$! You'll feel less human if you do!

How do we create an ego-less, collective conscious? How can society begin to heal itself? It starts with helping yourself. We thrive on remaining negative. We continue to build our military status and continue to splurge billions of dollars on it and "defense." It's to protect consumerism. My own life was destroyed because I was negating the fact that the negativity of my surrounding environment stripped me of humanity. I played a large role in this, don't think I'm absolving myself of blame. When you are completely surrounded by something, how can it not become a part of you, though? How can you avoid something that's everywhere you look? It's the norm. It's what everyone else is doing, so it must be the correct way.

What if everyone grew up with the wrong ideas, the wrong morals, and the wrong message of life? I have to strip everything about myself and let go. The only thing, in my shadowed life, I loved, completely rejects me still. It's the most difficult thing to bear. To think you love something but not understand the word. Then, to begin to understand what love means and have someone continually destroy that inside of you. That's what our society loves. That's what our society creates. My situation is perfect for capitalism. It wants me to fill this enormous void in any way possible, just not turn inward. Don't begin to meditate, don't begin to self-heal, we have plenty of things to fill your void! How are we to heal if nothing is massaging our soul? Or better yet, we'll tell you what you need, and all will be well. Unfortunately, we aren't THAT connected as a society, where one thing universally works for everyone at all times.


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