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Bridges of Love Dissolving Boundaries

Many zippers unzipping a globe into a heart of love

Throughout the ages, our languages and ways of expressing ourselves have evolved, often leading to divisions and a sense of fragmentation within humanity. Yet, at our core, there exists a common thread longing for unity and oneness. If we each sought that divine connection, worldly attachments would fade, making way for a deeper understanding and love.

Though we might speak thousands of languages, many remain trapped within the confines of their own perceptions, interpreting life through personal filters. It's upon each of us to comprehend, internalize, and pass on the timeless message of love, unity, and oneness. Only when we each contribute our unique voice, stepping beyond self-imposed boundaries, can this message truly resonate and align with the divine.

Thousands of languages, trapped in jail, outside of jail is love, unity, oneness

If these words don't resonate, perhaps the shadow of ego still obscures the heart. True love, in its essence, is a universal language — to live, write, and speak in its tender dialect is our mission. The more we share this language, passing it down through generations, the more we reinforce the power of love.

God's essence is in every one of us; it's time we release the chains of ego and embrace collective consciousness. In unity and togetherness, endless horizons of potential unfurl before us. Play your part, let love flow from your soul, and become a beacon of divine wisdom. We are all interwoven in the tapestry of time, and every individual plays a crucial role in amplifying this message of unity.

Common thread of weaving unity and oneness into the language of love

Let's remember — we've trodden this path before. Ego, a fleeting illusion, may have clouded our understanding in the past. But when we break free, we might grieve for what was once believed, yet be reborn in a profound realization. To truly love, to truly be, we must dissolve the 'me' to embrace the 'we'. For in the dance of life, unity with the divine is our ultimate love story.

This was written on November 21, 2006 and edited with ChatGPT on September 25, 2023

Concert poster in the style of Victor Moscoso, theme of love with balloon hearts lifting concert into stratosphere


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