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Capitalism is Seductive

capitalism is seductive, temptress, clown

A question has been stirring in my mind since a friend said, "My parents don't even sleep together and haven't for as long as I can remember." The natural question that arises is, "How does it feel to grow up in a loveless household throughout your entire childhood?"

Destructive hellscape, capitalism, money, seduction, post - apocalyptic, abstract expressionism

Living without love in the house, how does that affect one's existence? It creates the perfect drone for our capitalistic world. You end up always searching for something, not really knowing what it is. So, you fill the gap with materialism. Isn't that love? You are loving yourself because it makes you feel good. Wrong! This external love weighs down your soul, causing you to lose yourself—your true self. You may feel good in the moment, but in the long term, you still feel empty. There is no long-term with the capitalistic ID. It's designed to provide a false sense of security, then it upgrades, and you need to fill yourself up with the same thing, only slightly enhanced. Months and years later, you keep buying the same thing, and it gives you a fleeting sense of satisfaction.

Technological domination through capitalism, seductive

If capitalism were based on the long term, it wouldn't have the drive it does. I could buy a computer today that would be outdated tomorrow. That's the power this system holds over us. It creates a false sense of self and a false sense of unity. You feel connected to others because you all possess the same technological mumbo-jumbo. Think about all the ways you connect with others through the capitalistic façade of technology. Let's immerse ourselves in this false world of someone else's creation. Let's not talk about life; let's talk about this one-pound piece of metal. It does bring people together, so there's nothing inherently wrong with that. The problem lies in people dedicating so much energy to it. It consumes them. They fail to direct their energy inward. Are they afraid to confront their egos? Do they feel the need to keep up with others in their economic class? If someone has the SD-4000 and I have the SD-2500, I can boost my ego by ordering the SD-5000! What's the difference? Probably nothing. Technology isn't the only force to blame; people are to blame. They refuse to open their eyes and curb their rampant consumerism.


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