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Have the Music Dance for You

Hypothetically, energetically,

Learn your deficiencies,

Use them empathetically,

Aim the arrow with precision,

Cease your immorality.

fractured ego mind

If we each learn to recognize our own faults, we can then project outward and see ourselves in others. It is crucial, however, not to exploit these faults or forcefully impose our help upon someone. Such actions result in great pain and ongoing confusion. Although pain can be a necessary part of growth, the individual must be ready for the challenges it brings. It is inescapable. Would anyone willingly endure the psychological equivalent of being stabbed in the stomach, left to bleed for days without aid? Perhaps only masochists.

personal growth and dangers of helping others

If you embody love, why wouldn't you seek happiness? And if you are enshrouded in misery, why would happiness appeal to you? Love flourishes in the fertile ground of joy, while misery takes root in the poisoned soil of chaos. If those around you continue to torment their souls without purpose, what can love do? To uproot the seeds before they have a chance to grow would be an act of violence, far removed from your intentions. Instead, enrich the soil with your newfound knowledge, slowly, piece by piece, with utmost care.

heart shaped seedling sprout

The fragility of the ego-mind is marked by volatile unpredictability. It can manipulate, dominate, and control its host, much like a psychopath controls his victims—and, more poignantly, himself. Anything filtered through this distorted lens is prone to misinterpretation, making truth and deception indistinguishable. Exercise caution when attempting to enlighten someone trapped in ego's grasp. Your well-intentioned efforts might inadvertently bury their hope deeper. Maintain faith, knowing that one day, their true self will emerge.

This post was written on December 14, 2006.

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