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Inner Whispers

surreal, dreamlike illustration inspired by the poem 'Inner Whispers'. The scene depicts a person at the center of a vast, cosmic landscape, symbolizing a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation.   looking contemplative and slightly lost, surrounded by a mix of vibrant and dark colors. Elements from the poem, like a wise old tree, shards of broken mirrors, and a maze of mysteries, are integrated into the landscape. The background features a nebulous sky filled with stars and swirling galaxies, representing the Mahatma consciousness. The image should evoke a sense of deep introspection and the mysterious nature of the mind, with an overall ethereal and mystical feel.

Wrong drug, wrong time,

Have you lost your mind?

Maybe a little bit of rage,

Either way, you did smoke sage.

What did you think it would do?

You were broken, shattered,

Repressions overfilled.

The Mahatma consciousness will be the guide

To fill every void, watch manipulations mummifying the mind.

Everything you understood as real

A complicated puzzle that only your own mind could reveal.

Who else knows you best?

If you knew who you were, would we not be I?

The true nature of your being saying hi,

Lose all the shackles that cause you to hide.

Forget everything of what you've come to understand;

The illusionment burrowing a maze of mysteries.

If you are constantly feeding a seductive ego

That's always attaching meaning to the meaningless,

Expecting an expectation to explode into existence,

Letting the mind remotely control the ebb and flow,

Worrying about manifestations that mirror truth.

Break all the reflections, start seeing things clearly.

Doesn't make sense? Afraid to astrally project?

Get ready for the ride then,

All the rules will now bend.

Wait, this isn't right? Where did you go?

You are anything you want to be.

Maybe you fancy a wise old tree?

Don't deny your own humanity;

Time is nothing but arbitrary.

We've been living for eternity,

Love, our heavenly sanctuary,

Enter realm of immortality.

many rhombuses creating one larger super rhombus, rhombus, more rhombus, portal to the unknown dimension, galactic

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