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Let there be Light

Inspirational heaven of joyfulnesss that engulfs the lovers into a hypnotic trance of satisfaction

When I finally witnessed some type of death in the salvia trip, it was when the self was totally absolved. The fight could have lasted ten lifetimes, but Sister Salvia would always prove mightier. There is no reason to fight death. Respect it. When death was perceived as nothingness, space and time instantly collided, and nothingness became greater than the most glorious gift. Does the soul remain if the mind and body weren't pure? It transfers to the next being. Try again. Are we just at one stage, stuck here until the truth is enlightened? The universe is endless, limitless, beyond comprehension, unimaginable to our feeble minds. How could we ever think we could control it? The function of our society should be one of a foil. All generations should focus more on spirituality, on preserving Mother Earth, achieving physical, mental, and spiritual enlightenment. Instead, our focus lies in material objects. Our true desires are warped by ego, transferred into something meaningless. Thus begins the hole that cries within. It's learned. It's normal, so people erroneously assume there is nothing wrong. Until you wake up.

Absolution of death colliding space and time granting the gift of the soul

How do you wake up? If there was an easy answer, there wouldn't even be a need to read this. Everyone's story is different and can be used to understand the collective abandonment of true spirit. Each of our stories will be the same. They will begin the same. But how will they end? It's out of the norm, so it feels crazy. Nothing lasts...? Love is forever. If you let it be. We've been taught nothing can maintain the test of time. Let's start to prove to ourselves as a species that we are more than our physical selves. It's too easy to close off, cut the line, and throw your life away. How about creating love? Give something back to the wonderful existence you've been granted. Inside, everything awaits. It's your key to the universe. Answers that have been lost from one generation to the next. Please let us emerge out of this ignorance. To become who we were meant to be.

Preservation of mother earth through loving kindness

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