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Letting GO

A question arises as to why one can ascend to such heights after delving deep below the crux of Hell. It's about Letting GO!

An individual with their hand raised to the sky standing in the middle of a circle of people, a lightning bolt striking the person in the center's hand, with the lightning strike going through the ground into the other people

At a certain point, when the drug has completely encapsulated one's entire being, one can look around the crowd, see the light show, people's faces, and basically be cognizant of the surroundings. Feet start moving faster than eyes can interpret, more than two arms seem to emerge from the body, and the back becomes more nimble than Gumby. Now, closing the eyes, taking a deep breath in, and that's it—there's no reaching the exhale. The entire world is now gone, as what happens during a long meditation session. One finds the world of love. The music no longer just goes through the ears. The essence of one's nature is the music. The more layers to the music, the easier it is to move all the energy. The ego has left; the 'me' we have become accustomed to seeing has left. What you are seeing is pure creation. One is just a baby, love is everything in the path. Look at the family, look at everything that has happened. One has to let love freely flow. It's been bottled up for what feels like the beginning of time. It's a volcano waiting for its first eruption. In this vulnerable state, love is being thrown in all directions, circular, spiraling, vertically, horizontally. It's a tough concept to identify with; it seems to hint that one is almost going crazy. But when there is a connection with higher states of consciousness, it's difficult to stay grounded.

volcano erupting hearts

Everyone around will panic, they will think one has lost the way. But that's because one has chosen to take a personal path, to follow the destiny that has already been presented. It doesn't matter if one looks foolish; one is not there. The people in the surrounding area become a part of the circle of love. Now if someone happens to touch one (it doesn't have to be a physical touch), the complete aura shifts focus. Although one can't see their physical body (because one is not there), their energy is recognized. It's almost like being touched by lightning. If one were to draw a picture, there would be a group of people, someone's hand reaching to the ceiling, like a lightning rod. God themselves would open the ceiling with their hands and send a bolt down to the rod through their pinky finger. After getting struck through the eyes of the universe, energy would be thrown through their hand and transferred to everything surrounding them, a larger-than-life energy pulse. Most of the beauty is lost because well, there is too much 'me' here now to describe it fluently. The power that rests within all of us is greater than our mind will allow us to comprehend. One is not out there trying to be better than anyone, trying to show anyone up, trying to impress (those are all manifestations of our mind). The sole purpose is to teach love. We are all teachers of love. Most just avoid it because we've created so many barriers to reach purity. All the tears, that's shedding away another creation.

Outline of a body where the outline in a pulsating rhythm of rainbow colors, synthesis of breath

Forget who you remember; the past is gone. Right now, this is who one is. One has explained that they were forced to witness their own death. So, if you continually try to unbury the past, you are digging up a corpse that wishes to rest. For years, people were allowed to bury the real self inside, to cage up the purity, to lock the secret treasure of the divine. They told one who they were, programmed them into what was to become, trained their behaviors in order to keep with the mold. That's not going to happen anymore. One has awoken, more aware than ever before. So, one only asks that you let them become, let go of who you remember; it's never going to come back. The longer people try to bring back the old self, the harder and more confused one will become. There was no true concept of self, so what was witnessed for the past six years was essentially society pushing a keyboard inside, telling people what they wanted to hear. For the sake of everyone, one refuses to shell back up, to go back to being a robot. When the time is right, one will give up this current life, all the materials created. Fear no longer controls the wheel; one will not be scared into trying to change what is known to be wrong. If this society continues to destroy itself, there needs to be people on the other side to balance. There need to be reflections that are brighter than the shadows. So if there needs to be a title, words to describe the goals, this is the description.

Enlightened states of consciousness, interconnected beings, visionary enlightenment, universal language of love

In enlightened states of consciousness, we are all together, no longer a separate entity; we have become. If there wasn't fear of everyone's answers, or the fact that it would be considered one's vision, or the fact that 'time' completely scares everyone, one would be able to openly express oneself and begin to spread the message that has blossomed inside. So, one doesn't care if it takes ten lifetimes; the message can't be stored away. It must be translated into the universal language of love. It's time to not be scared anymore, to walk right into fear and watch it transcend into love.

This was written on December 4, 2006 and edited on November 15, 2023.

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