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Love is All You Need

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Listening to The Beatles - All You Need is Love

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How many times have those lyrics echoed through my mind? Finally, I'm beginning to grasp their meaning. The message is exactly what people need: it's unobtrusive, genuine, heartfelt, and overflowing with love. It doesn't point out anyone's mistakes or tell them how to act. Instead, it empowers from within, saying, "Find love for yourself!" Millennia of wisdom are encoded in our DNA and documented in ancient and contemporary texts. Not everyone will come up with revolutionary ideas that propel society into a new era, but it's each individual's responsibility to rediscover the message of love.

Our society has become so engrossed in capitalistic pursuits that we've forgotten the most important part of our being: the soul. Capitalism offers temporary solutions for our poisoned rivers, but these solutions are short-lived. We keep applying these temporary fixes, never truly healing the river—or ourselves. We've been molded into consumers, constantly wanting something better and competing with the rest of the world. We crave status symbols like new TVs and fashionable clothes, creating a stratified society where the bottom can't communicate with the top. Despite claims of democracy and freedom of religion, capitalism has tainted all institutions. Everything boils down to money.

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Sex sells, and as a result, it has been demonized in our minds. For many, sex is the first thing that comes to mind, thanks to advertising agencies. Where have our morals gone? The joy of sex has been tainted by pain and fear, leading me to question whether I ever want to engage in it again. I yearn for a connection that transcends physical intimacy, one that unites us in a deeper way.

I see women who are hurting inside, filling their voids with a capitalistic interpretation of love. They are lost, broken, and have given up. Mothers are giving up on their children; fathers are abandoning their families. Our society thrives on broken individuals and fractured families. Why is it so easy to fall out of love but so hard to love oneself? When you don't love yourself, you can't truly love others. We've been given so many ways to relax that we've forgotten who we are, opting for pharmacological solutions instead of addressing the root causes of our stress.

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Years, maybe decades, of stress accumulate when you sweep your problems under the rug. Your past weighs you down, and your future becomes clouded. Your unconscious mind becomes a labyrinth of past experiences. But if you look deep enough, you'll find that nothing is ever truly lost. Our society has trained us to give up on ourselves and seek external solutions, but the answers lie within us. When will we break free from the shackles of ego and self-centeredness?

Sex is important for the continuation of our species, but with billions of humans on Earth, we've become a burden to our planet. The act itself releases a powerful mix of neurotransmitters, making it easy to become addicted. Without a deeper connection, however, the energy transfer between partners is lost. It becomes a mere physical act.

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When we gaze at the stars, we're looking at our past. Our ancestors watch over us, hoping we won't repeat their mistakes. If we don't learn from them, the cycle of intergenerational trauma will continue indefinitely. When will we start caring about the environment we live in?

Each and every one of us has something to offer. It's unfortunate that we focus on negativity and prejudices that may not even be relevant. We've been conditioned to boost our own egos at the expense of others. Capitalism has seeped into our melting pot, corrupting all who partake in its deceitful stew. It may not be the only reason, but it's a significant contributor to our collective misfortune.

This was written on November 6th, 2006

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