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Never Alone

With the Almighty guide,

deep inside,

transcendence has flourished,

our souls have been nourished.

So hard to activate,

more difficult to end,

so many mates, which mind to mend,

overwhelming, to say the least,

together we shall tackle this beast.

You opened the soul, you sliced a mind,

wasn't I there too?

What happened to our fight?

Can't cry every day, putting both of us through this.

Hope the feelings coincide,

'cause then I'll know there's love inside.

Words flowing beautifully, focusing so attentively.

Time alone to extinguish the pain,

shredding my life away, piece by piece, smiling happily.

Not reaching out, asking for forgiveness,

hoping she's alright, not giving up the fight.

Seeing the correlation between the two,

for the same feelings hold true between death and anew.

Understand why thoughts drift to the seas,

'cause it's the easiest place to find inner peace.

Wishing there wasn't ever that hole,

twisting and turning, bumping, riding, never paying attention.

Emerging without expectations,

something fresh and exciting, letting it be,

watching things unfold as they were meant to be.

Seems to be working, not losing control,

but also not wanting it for once it encompasses your embodiment,

satanic verses will not relent.

Putting minutes into pieces, horns blaring, merge, reverse,

now back on auto,

back to cutting, blades are sharp, not seeing solitude,

yet rectitude, emanating deep inside,

not going to let emotions hide.

Is that his thought or God's or mine,

flushed to consciousness, leaving all else behind,

should I close my eyes and meditate?

There's still great pain inside,

praying feelings coincide.

This is for both of us, neither made the decision,

it was passed down, crossing the bridge of dreams.

Pain in my heart, filling with blood,

for life begins flowing when hope is glowing.

Stare deep into the eye,

it's the center, demons goodbye,

welcome mentor.

Great power welcomes, but only one side is certain,

the other awaits behind the other curtain.

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