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Primitive Consciousness

bees protecting their hive

Hel-lo, welcome to the real me.

We could see,

Who we are really meant to be.


We let socie-ty

Take away our dignity

Time to dissociate (time to diss o ceee ate)

Back to being primate (back to be-ing pri mate)

This message is not too late

Are we to be led by fate?

We will not tolerate

The virus to populate

Starting to realize

Do not search with eyes

They will feed you lies

Don't get caught in nine to five

It's time to really strive

Like bees to protect their hive

The answer is certain

Riddled deep within all men

Unlock your acumen

psychedelic tea, swirling spirals

She seems to be taking everything I say, filing it under "Jon's off-base ramblings," and completely closing off. She says I'm too much, I'm always "on," and never want to relax. She's trying to ground me back to becoming part of what I can't be anymore. We did start to talk with a sense of love after both struggling with our own egos. We talked about the future and how she wants to help people. So, the response was, "Why do you want me to stop all of this thought?" We are both trying to achieve the same scenario, yet for some reason, she sees what I'm saying as my own and feels there is some selfish aspect to it.

We all need to work on ourselves, break through the barriers we've created, and then, and only then, will we be able to unite and teach others how to freely love again. As the drug slowly drips out of my body, my ego trying so hard to be, the visions do seem crazy. They seem like we are placing such great responsibility on ourselves. Out of all the billions of people in the world, why are we the ones who have been presented with this? There is no doubt that others have felt these same sensations. But how come nothing has changed? Did they refuse to take the path presented? Will we ever be happy if we just let this stay with us and don't attempt to spread the message that lies dormant within all of humanity? How can we make money if we don't have any jobs? But money will come to us if we remain pure. If the path of righteousness remains, money will never hold us back. Think about how much we have helped each other. Think about all of the people that speak through you when helping someone else. Ponder enlightened states of consciousness.

wake up the psychology inside

The friend within all of us was speaking. There was a breakthrough. The seven bodies merged; the ego submerged. What else would be the answer? And why are we so afraid? Why is there fear? Because we are both torn in this duality still. We have ego self and pure self. They struggle to survive together. The ego is your own creation, so that's the easier path to follow. How could YOU be wrong, right? The path to the divine is much more difficult, especially since we've grown up in our capitalistic society. We've created so many ways to fill our voids with emptiness. There are so many outlets. Yet they all just mask the true problem temporarily; then you need to find more material things to fill up. I love you with all my heart. The message would have been filtered through some ego, and the message would have been lost if I didn't love unconditionally.

I am aware that sex is not my desire at the moment. Sex doesn't destroy love necessarily, but the way it's been portrayed to us through capitalism makes it so unappealing. These thoughts stem from deceit; there is no doubt about that. Everything I had been taught about sex was for all the wrong reasons. We were having sex, not creating love. I was slowly destroying my inner self without consciously being aware of it. I was unconsciously sending the message that I had given up on their pure selves and letting desire win. Sex sells. Sex is the main aspect of ad campaigns. Porn is the polar opposite of what sex should be. It's about physical pleasure in porn; actually, they aren't even feeling pleasure most of the time (they successfully made the most beautiful thing in the world a job). There is no divine connection; there are no hopes to create life. We've been handed "contraceptives" so if we don't want to exercise self-control, self-love, then we have the opportunity to have sex and not face the ramifications that may ensue. Technology has handed us a reason to have sex and detach ourselves from it. It's a means to an end once you place a condom on. You want to achieve orgasm; you want the other person to achieve orgasm, so selfishly you could take credit (your ego always wants to be inflated). But when it's all finished, has your soul been nourished? You are empty again. We have become so intertwined with physical sex that tantric sex is a mystery. You are only unified by your sexual organs.

eye clocktower of time

The energy release during sex is something else that's important. Without love, is there a proper transfer of energy between the two? If that energy is lost, how could your soul remain happy? It just poured this massive amount of powerful energy out, and where did it go? There was no love to catch it. Through sex, people are killing part of themselves and feeding their ego selves.

Mrs. Salvia taught much of this through my extended journey through its consciousness. It kept reiterating the same exact point. This is how to wake up the psychology inside. It was using my own brain's terms to try to break through it. Psychology could be interchanged with soul/spirit. And who did Salvia have deliver this message? She, of course. Picture me, gasping for air, reaching my arm up to her and saying, "Why? We could live in eternity; we were immortal in our love; this was the only way we could have died." And this was relived many, many, many times until the message transcended into a broader message. Sitting at the head of the table, hearing earth-shattering noises that sounded like my brain was shattering, seeing waterfalls starting one after the other. Wake up inside. Wake up inside. Then the answer was catapulted after years of blocking it. Resolve your repressions, love thyself, and lose your creation. Only then will love be able to be seen. But it would be selfish to keep this within; it would be egocentric to just take this divine message and use it for my own benefit. So the true message is to first love thyself, then spread this love to everyone. Will it be easy? Nope. Will it happen fast? Nope. Can we do it? Of course. This journey is not one of solitude. It involves everyone and everything, at all times.

This was written on November 6+13, 2006 and edited August 22, 2003


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