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Radical Ruminations on Religion, Repression, and Reshaping Reality (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Someone emailed me a Christian brainwashing newsletter that triggered me into writing the below. I'm not posting their text because it's oppressive and depressing. Enjoy the rant!

Triumvirate of love wisdom gratitude

It's not that I'm rejecting God or thinking that a higher power doesn't play some type of role in our day-to-day functioning. My recent experience makes that impossible to deny. Their conceptualization of God is false. My direct experience of it is real. Hopefully, that comes through, that I KNOW myself as God, and that means I know you as God too.

The negativity they lay on the table, they are all possibly life-changing events. Negative emotions can alter the shape of your personality, the same way positive ones can. Their wording almost makes it seem like you are supposed to suppress these problems and casually move on. If these important events are all ignored and you go about your daily functioning, that may seem like you are moving on. It may seem like you are able to forget the negative and focus on the positive, but where do the ill thoughts go? If they are never embraced and understood, they stay with you. They become so a part of you that you can't see them. They go unconscious.

Triumvirate of love wisdom gratitude

The negativity then starts to show up in different aspects of your life without you being consciously aware. They affect your thinking because you thought it was best to forget about them. It doesn't specifically say "just forget about them," it says "let God take control, he is always there for you." That's positive thinking because it is, at the very least, establishing faith in something. But it's externalizing God. Faith in God should be faith in self. How is there a God if there is no self? You can't find God and can't connect with God if you aren't there. So really, God and self are integrally linked. There is no separation. As long as you establish separation, you are living in ignorance. You can't just say to yourself, "Hey, okay, God is here, God is with me, let's go! Everything will be fine." That's not how life works.

Religions are keen on this. This is why they continue to exist. They thrive on separation because then they are there to make you whole. They want people to have problems. They want our society to be sin-filled. If it wasn't, where would their place be? If everyone was able to expand their consciousness, to be able to connect to their inner God in their way, where would religion be? It seems as if religions of the West thrive on negativity. It's why they present their message so positively. It's a mask. They know it's there. They claim they are willing to help, yet they never bother to attack the root causes of this negativity, only perpetuate it. They will say, "You are mad, well don't be mad, God is with you."

Free will Inspirational faculty trust interconnectedness

I know God is with me, every single moment of my life. As I am, after all. As long as I am, God is too. How does that help me with my anger problem? If I'm not willing to change something, to take action, to try to help myself, God will let that be. There's not some separate deity that will interject and say, "Now Jonathan, you have to start helping yourself by encountering this anger." If I can't come to that conclusion internally, then it would project externally, and through the mirror of the other, I would get that message day in and day out. Do you see what I'm getting at? God is YOU. You are the controller, the controlled, and everything in between. You are the triumvirate. Once you separate, then you have no power. In union, you can reach anything! What is it that you want?

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