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Radical Ruminations on Religion, Repression, and Reshaping Reality (Part 2)

So an integral part of me, the God within, is the resolution. I have to be willing. That's the greatest power and greatest flaw in humans: free will. We have the free will to watch TV for five hours, to be sitting on the internet for four hours, to masturbate furiously. An externalized God can't stop your free will. God is You, but you aren't aware. That's the problem. Until I begin to embrace this anger, to see where it stems from, figure out why it's there, to bring the unconscious into the conscious, God will never help me. No one is going to go digging into the unconscious for you. That's YOUR job. I can't let God be the answer to all my prayers as that means I'm totally negating myself. And without self, there is no God.

Free will, Inspirational faculty trust interconnectedness

From my perspective then, religion is unwelcoming. When talking strictly about God, without the guide of religion, I am content. Once religious banter is thrown into the equation, it seems to lose its importance. Religions tell you what is right. It tells you how to act. It tells you God thinks this. It's telling you from the outside. When the answer comes from the outside, it has to filter through all the ego's defense mechanisms. I don't want THEIR answer because quite frankly, they know nothing about me and can't generalize solutions for my unique problems. They try to make you think they are speaking in the universal language of love, but their message is filled with separation. Love is not in separation. Love erupts in union.

Their inspirational message will get a rise out of people. It may "help" someone get through the day. It lacks the proper technique that will transcend the negative into the positive. Their message is simply masking the negative without understanding it. "You are getting a divorce, don't be sad! God is with you!" There's nothing wrong about that statement, there is just a lack. It lacks integration between God and self.

Free will, Inspirational faculty trust interconnectedness

If you are without mind, then you are closer to God. The ego is what separates you, an integral faculty to mindstuff. Can you take your attention off the interpretation of the ego, your created self, and recognize God, once and for all? If you simply sit back and wait for God, you will become lazy. There has to be a balance between trusting your Heart and striving towards your intention. If God sees the effort, if God sees that there is inner-love, then the synchronicity will fire. If happiness is what you want, it's right there, waiting for you. If God sees repression, if God sees someone simply wanting answers to be shoved down their throat, you will remain separate from your wants. Someone is not ready if they are willing to go about their day, forgetting all their problems. They must envision their future self without problems. There are days when you are going to feel depressed. There are days when you are going to have to deal with unsettling issues. You can't simply leave control in the hands of fate. You have to impose your will. You have to make choices.

Free will, Inspirational faculty trust interconnectedness


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