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Shooting for the Stars

This is a topic I've been mulling over for a bit now. After watching the movie "Altered States," I'm shooting for the stars

shooting for the stars

If we are human and believe in reincarnation, am I really a recycled soul that didn't get it "right" the first time? Am I a bundle of unresolved mental tendencies that need to enter the playground of a new mind in an attempt to resolve those aberrations? Is my soul constantly waiting to evolve to the next dimension, yet it is drawn back to Earth because it needs a pure body to transcend beyond bodily existence? I'm envisioning a selfless soul that inevitably becomes its own planet, then its own galaxy, and so on.

Our current society is overpopulated, relies on external love, and doesn't follow the path that their planet or divinity has laid out for them. Yet, the Earth still loves us. It still selflessly provides us with its luminescence. We are a money- and sex-centered society where love seems meaningless. Our spirits are constantly hindered by our minds. We repress the true essence of being human because it's too challenging to face ourselves, to unravel the unconscious. When was the last time you looked into the mirror and explored the depth of who you are? Has anyone ever truly touched ME? Or are they selfishly touching themselves through me?

capitalistic greed burning the earth

Through all this talk of transcendence, I'm not saying that I have a pure soul. In fact, quite the opposite. If anything, it has enabled me to recognize just how clouded the mirror is. I haven't been seeing myself clearly, and I am the only one to blame. The path has been presented. Now I have to pave it and begin to walk hand in hand with my brothers and sisters. There are still secrets kept from others and problems that need resolution. That's why I am here, after all. Are we stuck in limbo here on Earth, where the environment is deteriorating, and our connection to Self/Earth/Mother is weakening, making it increasingly difficult to live a pure life?

What happens if, instead of getting sucked into the seductions of capitalistic society, we live a life of divinity? In other words, we mimic our higher self or the presiding god of your choice and use that as the foundation for our personality structure. You can mimic those with ideals reflecting the greatest good for all, instead of emulating those who selfishly look out for the interests of a select few. What if we could extricate ourselves from the physical body and unite with a higher consciousness? Space is infinite, which means our souls have the potential to be infinite. We've merely impressed the ego upon them and convinced ourselves of our limitations, ensnaring us in the concept of time.

ego dissolution melting space and time

During psychedelic trips, when the joy of ego dissolution occurs, we're liberated from the confines of space and time. With the ego gone, time also disappears. Without the constraints of time, we can experience lifetimes in a single moment. As the past, present, and future merge into one, you become the undifferentiated pulse of consciousness. You embody the raw, untapped soul. This provides a unique opportunity to see the truth behind your constructed self.

So, am I flawed from birth due to a past life? Am I a conglomeration of all my ancestors, with their impressions passed down through DNA? Amidst the millions and millions of thoughts, there are billions of feelings waiting to erupt within me. Maybe I started completely clean, and I've only learned how to taint that purity. As long as we fit the mold of capitalism where sex and money are paramount, we will not attain genuine happiness. That's why I will continue to meditate every day. As the world attempts to pull me outward, meditation will lead me inward. I aim to break free from the West's oppressive poison of capitalism.

This was originally written on October, 24, 2006 and edited August 14, 2023.

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