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The Millionth Time

A maze in the shape of a heart with no end or start, trapped in love, in the style of art deco and Art Nouveau

When a situation is presented, you can perceive its implications for that specific moment in time. But, considering that time is conceptually alive, isn't this specific instance just part of the everlasting loop we know as time? If you can pinpoint a specific moment in time and address it, why don't we end the loop? Perhaps it's because then we will cease to exist, and that terrifies us. So, how can you universally impart the wisdom gained from your experiences?

My sister, Salvia, provided some insight. When I existed, there was a loop, a break in time. A situation arose, a solution was offered, but it was not fully embraced. What transpired? The same situation, in varied forms, kept recurring. After repeatedly facing what some might term the most disturbing moment of my life, the answer finally dawned on me. A metaphorical lock was picked; clarity was attained. The seminal event took place at the Knights of the Round Table with my inner circle. Seeing Maria, our shared breakdown was profound. Without uttering a word, we both comprehended the cycle. The answer? We need to overcome our egos and recognize our divine essence. We're not the center of the universe. But, in the vast scope of humanity, what does this realization imply? How did we drift apart? The answer remains elusive, but one thing is certain: our sense of self-importance must be shed.

Hearts as an interdimensional gateway between hyperspace as effulgence of light enlivens love, in the style of spray paint and surrealism

Fast forward to the 503,248th instance. Here, our existence seems insignificant — from ancient pyramids to the Amazon rainforest, to the dawn of consumerism. Time is a mere construct. What we refer to as 'I' is but a minuscule creation of something confined. We remain tethered to Earth because we neglect the path forged by our ancestors. Gazing at the stars, we see no profound message, limited by our physical vision. There's no distinction between you and me. And just when enlightenment seems within grasp, the cycle restarts.

In instance 742,249, there's no trace of the material or tangible. My essence is enveloped by the intangible. A mere four words hold the power to liberate us.

By instance 1,000,248, a moment of respite and transcendence is finally achieved. By instance 1,204,927, the revelation is clear: Love.

Taking an exam where all the answers are LOVE

Projecting into endless dimensions brimming with boundless energy, one realization emerges. It took eons to discern that love is the key, the metaphorical needle in the haystack. A word without a fixed definition, encompassing infinite meanings. It's timeless, transcending our comprehension. And even after eons, once the turmoil subsided, the answer became elusive again. Delving deep through pain and confusion, the message, though cryptic, is profoundly simple.

This temporal instance was gradually mended through the power of love. If this moment was healed by love, it implies the other instances were too. But how can love be communicated in countless languages? The answer will forever remain constant but since we've all created our own ego worlds, love needs to be translated.

We cannot rest and let our brothers regress. The more interpreters, the better. The fewer we are, the more universal it becomes. It can't just be written because some will not read. It can't just be heard, as many of us are deaf. It can't be spoon-fed, for then it will not be theirs. If you were to rewrite what you just read, would it not become clearer for the next?

...So, when will we leave ourselves and become the entity to which we exist?

Hearts as an interdimensional gateway between hyperspace as effulgence of light enlivens love, in the style of spray paint and surrealism

This post was written on November 22, 2006


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