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We're All Related in the World of Love

Release the hounds;

Love knows no bounds.

No time for this—

Too much energy persists.

That's for another time.

No need to write in rhyme.

Style of Yvonne Coomber, unleashing emotions out of the heart sphere

Where did that come from? Well, being completely influenced by MDMA, understanding roles becomes clearer, and others also begin to become aware. We grapple with issues of love, often feeling like we want to escape our own skin. We constantly long for what we lack, looking forward, dreaming of a love that might not exist. Many are hesitant to delve deep into the realm of love. Yet, paradise is real, and you are an essential ingredient. Unconsciously, you're building barriers—enormous ones. Why choose a self-imposed paradise when the real world awaits? If we remove the distinctions of "I", "you", "he", "she", and "we", things become authentic. Many of these words would lose meaning because aren't they already redundant?

The knowledge and unique experiences we possess, along with our varied perceptions, interpretations, and behaviors, form an intimate self only we truly understand. But what if you took yourself out of the equation? Share your emotions, merge with the broader picture, and others will follow suit. Such ideas have been discussed before, but they're often overlooked. In our current collective consciousness, no one can dictate what a person can or cannot do. We're adept at expressing our free will, a gift given for a reason. Yet, so much remains suppressed, seemingly lost. But if it's not lost, where does it go? To another life, perhaps?

Abstract style, hearts crashing through a glass floor, non - representational, colors and shapes, expression of feelings, imaginative, highly detailed

Both ego and spirit are constantly at play. Are we dormant energy orbs waiting to evolve into a higher life form? The key is to relinquish control. Recognize the artifice in your life—much of it has been crafted by society. They deter you from caring about the environment, your family, friends, or spirituality. The underlying evil in much of this lies in promoting division—like the walls you've erected. Capitalism has magnified these divisions, especially when it comes to money. Yet, why brood on this?

If given to those unfamiliar with the English language, how would they interpret this piece? The very division it highlights—doesn't it frustrate you? The notion of time impedes progress. Your progeny might be the key. The cycle of abandoning faith only to rediscover it continues. Perhaps a universal language taught in schools is the solution. Capitalism's approach to language? Revenue. If unchecked, future generations will bear the brunt. Such thoughts should provoke deep emotions. Shouldn't we yearn for a life free of boundaries?

Graffiti style, energy orbs evolving to higher life forms, street art, vibrant, urban, detailed, tag, mural

While on MDMA, certain mental barriers are lifted. What then prevents the free flow of life's energy? In digital lingo, the answer might be "U". Learn from the past, and correct what needs amending. Modern distractions are plentiful. The internet, with its endless potential, also has its pitfalls. If you solely focus on the five senses, you might lose sight of the bigger picture. We're enthralled by our creations. And as technology advances, there's an endless cycle of want and replace. Aren't we weary of this constant loop?

The pledge to the divine is that knowledge will serve the greater good, not just monetary gain. Profits born out of love create a void that can only be filled by love. In heightened states of awareness, interconnectedness prevails. Eliminate time and ego, and we are left with a universal truth: we are all bound by a shared origin and life force. The divisions are mere constructs of the mind.

In the style of Oskar Fischinger, interconnectedness, collective unconscious, eidetic imagery, dream, ethereal

The current view on relationships is intriguing. Emotions suppressed for so long—what happens when they're finally unleashed? It's not about resetting or fitting back into old molds. Forget past conventions. The challenge lies in the fact that once there was a "you," and now there's just "being". True understanding might be elusive. Can mutual relationships be forged? Can jealousy be overcome? Have women been dominated by masculine constructs for too long? We should be acknowledging the women in our lives. Recognizing flaws in others is recognizing flaws in oneself. However, when perceptions are too personal, self-awareness might escape us. Observe thoughts as they come and go, and embrace the euphoria of life.

This post was written November 26, 2006 and edited on October 30, 2023.

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