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When Your Soul Speaks

A short poem and imagery trying to evoke a key to unlock your Heart, when your soul speaks.

A artistic key and a elaborate lock opening to another dimension of heart

It's been suggested to conceal

what's bothering my heart's appeal

and asked to never reveal

where do I find a place to heal

it's the way we atone, the deal.

Venom seeping deep within

a turmoil, an unspoken sin

hidden beneath a fragile skin

time to free the soul within

release the chaos, let life begin.

Break through these self-made bars

stop weaving a web of unseen scars

you hold the answers, like the stars

now here are the keys, to break these jars

unlock your soul, beyond memoirs.

A key twisting into a heart shaped lock, opening up a treasure chest of rainbows of love and kindness

This was written November 6, 2006


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